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Weapon Craft

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Posted 23 January 2019 - 02:22 AM



Craft Weapon Info.
Q. How i can take recipe?
A. You can buy it from NPC Pamela in Aden but in exchange you'll need to give 35kk Adena and 70 vote coins.

Q. What items I need to craft?
A. 1x Recipe, Fire Mantra 15k, Wind Mantra 18k, Water Mantra 18k, Ancient Adena 18.5k, Metal Hardner 1200, Crystal: S Grade and 17x Parts of weapon .

Q. Where I can farm ?


  • Fire, Wind and Water Mantra you can get from spoil or drop All Location's.
  • Ancient Adena drop only at Dark Omen.
  • Metal hardner drop only at Monastery of Silence.
  • Shaft, Edge, Blade, Head only spoil at Elven Fortress.

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